• Paul Hilton
What is an Open Circle

An open circle is attended by a group that consists of Mediums, Sensitives and the Curious. They are normally open to the public and are usually set within a spiritualist church / meeting. An open circle is what is says, that is, a circle of chairs for the congregation to sit. The circle normally represents the bond between the group, and is not normally broken.

Most open circles teach the importance of protection, and although not always verbally heard, the Mediums in situ will put up protection for the group attending. An opening prayer normally starts the session, followed by a hymn and ends with a closing prayer.

An open circle is usually split into two sections.

  • The first being the best part for some, questions and answers from anyone, that can be answered in the same way, although the Mediums normally are those to reply. Any questions can be asked that are in connection to the paranormal, and at times you may get people asking about specific subjects or just simply curious as to know about how spirits do things. It is an informative part of the service for those with an interest in it.

  • The second half is when people can work. Members of the group are asked to sit quietly whilst those who would like to work can do so. What this means is that if they would like to recieve and give messages to those present in the group, they can do so at this point. This doesn't mean that this is just for the mediums. Any member of this group, no matter how little and insignificant to the person what they may have, can stand up and share with others. This is a good foundation to learning to give messages no matter how small they may seem and nobody will mock your abilites. More than likely offer support and reassurance to what you are finding new about yourself. Offer support and help in understanding what you receive and how to give it.